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Welcome to Studio Elevate! Lessons are offered online, and in-person at my home studio in Framingham, MA

Empowering passionate singers with the skills to realize a higher potential.

Current Students:

New Students:



I was a little worried, having never taken [a] private voice [lesson]. But Miss Abby is so kind, comforting, and encouraging, and made me feel so safe around her.

Her welcoming spirit and genuine care for her students are only surpassed by her [technical] skills.

I came into Abby's studio with preconceived notions (all negative) about my voice and little hope that she could help me. Through attentive listening, she has helped me to shatter those notions one by one. Her knowledge of pedagogy and performance is truly remarkable.

She is the best voice teacher that I have ever had, and one of the best teachers in general. Thank you for always making me laugh and smile [in lessons]!

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Ever since the age of 7, when I began performing professionally, singing has been my most sincere and fulfilling form of self-expression. I love every aspect of performing. I love the adrenaline rush I get being on-stage. I love how I can share my heart, my experiences, my deep emotions with an audience. I love being vulnerable. But singing hasn’t always been this way for me. As a student myself, I lacked the ability to love my unique voice, to be confident in my sound no matter where I was in my vocal journey, and most importantly, felt dependent on others approval and guidance in order to progress vocally.


Studio Elevate takes a caring, attentive, and empowering approach to teaching voice. With the understanding that each student offers a unique sound, I utilize my technical skills to tailor lessons towards the needs of each student, and equip my students with the tools and values needed to embolden them and love their voice, no matter where they are in their vocal journey.


I seek to provide a positive and enthusiastic approach to teaching voice. Students are taught to be masters of their own voice, and are supplied with a wealth of knowledge in “how” exactly the singing voice works. With the belief that passion and confidence are the true keys to success, my goal is to create an environment that nourishes these traits.


At Studio Elevate, students leave every lesson feeling independent, intelligent, and with an elevated love and appreciation for their voice.

Studio Elevate is located in Framingham, MA, and serves surrounding areas such as Natick, Wellesley, and Wayland. Abby specializes in teaching late elementary through high school-aged singers. Online lessons are also offered.

Affordable Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching Serving the Greater Boston Area.
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